Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Area

DNM has been spreading its CSR activities in different sectors which are as below;

Awareness Campaign:

As part of CSR, we have been taking different programs organized by DNM and conducting various awareness programs related to foreign employment to explore more into contemporary affairs, procedure of recruitment and in-sighting trust whether they are positive and holding back.


To make our community’s people a better and important place to live by contributing to relief causes by natural disasters, such as flood, earthquake, landslides and to those people who are affected from different political and social issues.

Sponsors: For educational, sports, cultural, old age home, children’s, schools etc.

Blood Donation Program:

Blood is the most precious gift that anyone can give to another person, “the gift of life”. Though we are also organizing blood donation program periodically in association of Nepal Red Cross Society.


As a contingency, wellbeing and emergency prospective, we have formed a voluntary welfare fund for those workers who are recruited from us. Through this we have been supporting those people who got affected from sudden accident, either directly to the workers or his/her family members.