Sub: To whom it may concern

Dear concern,

This concern belongs to D.N. Manpower Pvt. Ltd located at Tokha-05, Basundhara, and Kathmandu, Nepal. D.N. Manpower Pvt. Ltd. is the one of the reputed recruitment agency of Nepal and has provided a good service to the clients. Previously,  the director of D.N. Manpower Pvt. Ltd was also having the second recruitment agency named as; Imperial Global Resource Pvt. Ltd. as well, but due to the certain policies made by the Government of Nepal regarding the recruiting Agencies compelled us to choose one company either D.N manpower or Imperial global resources among the two agencies. So due to the change in the policies; the director have chosen D.N. Manpower Pvt. Ltd as their main agency and has stopped the license of Imperial global resource. We also have provided the Eleven years of services and experience in the same field to all our clients from different parts of the world. All the clients who have worked with Imperial Global Resource also belong to D.N. Manpower Pvt. Ltd as our clients. And all the clients will be now provided services through D.N. Manpower Pvt. Ltd.


  1. Policy made by Government of Nepal was, 2different license on the same profession cannot be issued to a single owner.
  2. The main reasons for choosing D.N. Manpower Pvt. Ltd are:
    i) It is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Manpower Company in Nepal.
    ii) It is EICC/RBA compliance Agency in Nepal.
    iii) Associated with D.N. Group of Companies.

Thank you.