D.N Manpower Pvt. Ltd. (DNM) is extending involvement towards the activities of corporate social responsibility (CSR). It contributes positive vibes to the society and help improving life of ones. The social responsibility of business towards shareholders or investors: Provide reasonable return on their investment. Protect their investment. Increase the market value of their shares by making a fair profit and by building a good image of the business.


The policy covers for corporate social responsibility, enhancing the areas of humanitarian activities in the society.


The CSR policy ensures that D.N Manpower is conducting its business in ethical way. This means we are taking account of our customers, stakeholder’s social, economic and environmental impact, and consideration of human rights.

Employees & People

We take seriously our responsibilities to protect, support, and prepare workers for successful careers, and to advocate on their behalf. Our efforts are focused on providing career opportunities and resources to the global workforce, and leading by example in areas such as workplace safety, health and wellness, diversity and inclusion, and training and development. We believe in opportunity for all and are steadfast in our commitment to equal employment opportunity, the protection of human rights, and the prevention of human trafficking.


D.N. MANPOWER PVT.LTD. Is committed to doing the right thing, conducting ourselves in a legal, ethical, and trustworthy manner, upholding our regulatory obligations, and complying with both the letter and spirit of our business policies.


D.N. MANPOWER PVT.LTD. Understands that it takes all of us working together to truly have an impact. As such, we partner with organizations in the communities where we live and work to improve lives and society as a whole – by engaging in activities such as community service, philanthropy, and support for small, minority, women, and disadvantaged businesses. We also seek to engage with workforce suppliers who operate using socially responsible business practices and adhere to the professional code of conduct outlined by the World Employment Confederation.


D.N. MANPOWERPVT.LTD. Recognizes a shared responsibility to protect our planet. Although our facilities and operations have a small ecological footprint, we reduce the environmental impact of our business through preservation, conservation, and waste reduction practices.